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Living Creatively with Fibro

This website is the sister website to Living Creatively with Fibro where I blog about Fibromyalgia, Creativity, Productivity and Organisation with the odd bit of genealogy thrown in for good measure. 

A photo of Susan Pearson taken in the summer

All you need to know about me

My name is Susan Pearson, I’m in my forties and happily married to my husband Michael. I’m a bit of an introvert, an INFJ-T if you are interested in personality types. The T may be a new metric but I’ve been an INFJ since tests began! Apparently there are less than 1% of us. I am terrible at self love, but one thing I pride myself on is my integrity.

I have Fibromyalgia

In July/August 2015 I began to have the symptoms of Fibro, the timing was ridiculously cruel, within a month or two of our wedding. All the little plans we were quietly making, for instance, having two children before 2020, began to drift away. I underwent the whole battery of blood tests and poking and prodings before receiving the official diagnosis in May 2016. You can find out more about this journey by visiting the diagnosis page on Living creatively with Fibro, where you will also find my YouTube video.

I’m a qualified Teacher

Sharing my knowledge is something I am passionate about. So much so I gained a PGCE back in 2006. Although this was a qualification in primary education, I have spent many years coaching adults. For one of those years my job was only helping people to get online. I have studied technology at University level and I used to be one of those people in an office that those having tech problems turned to. 

Technology saves my life

It is no lie, that I have long been a fan of tech. However, since I began living with Fibromyalgia, it has become so much more important. I rely on tech when I know Fibro Fog can limit my memory. Also, the tech stepped in when Fibro reduced my social circumstances. 

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